Jeremy Zussman


Jeremy is a sound engineer, sound recordist, and gear junkie based out of the Chicagoland Area.  He has an unhealthy fascination/ obsession with bad jokes, puns, movies, and making noises out of random things.  By day, you can hear him creating chaos in the studio recording foley. By night, he is probably eating Mike and Ike’s, watching movies, and editing sound effects.

As a Post Production Audio Engineer, Jeremy have worked as the Foley Artist, Foley Editor, Foley Mixer, Sound Designer, ADR Mixer, Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor, Dialogue Editor, and various Assistant Engineer Roles.  In addition to these roles, he has developed a knack for audio restoration and repair.

Jeremy has worked on feature films, short films, documentary films, Television Shows, voiceover recordings, commercials, various web-series, live recorded music videos, and remote audio truck for broadcast media.