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Trevor McCulloch - Time, Replayed: Appropriation and Duration in the Video Work of Christian Marclay- Art History Manifest Hollis Sigler Award- 2015 Art History Manifest Hollis Sigler Award- 2015 Art History Manifest Hollis Sigler Awardee for 2015: Trevor McCulloch (BA in Cinema Art & Science and minor in Art History). Lecture Title: Time, Replayed: Appropriation and Duration in the Video Works of Christian MarclayAward based on:• Work shown and presented at Manifest 2015The Hollis Sigler Art + Design Manifest Award is open to:• Graduating Art and Design students showing work at Manifest 2015• International students may be considered Who was Hollis Sigler:Hollis Sigler was a Chicago-based artist whose autobiographical narrative paintings often focused on her long struggle with breast cancer. Her paintings during the 1990's incorporated specific references to cancer in images of fragmented bodies and texts added to the works. A series of oil pastel paintings titled Breast Cancer Journal: Walking With the Ghosts of My Grandmothers (1992-1993) included historical information and statistical data on the disease, from which Ms. Sigler's mother and grandmother also suffered. The series was exhibited at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, and Hollis Sigler's Breast Cancer Journal, a book of related essays by Ms. Sigler, Susan M. Love and James Yood, was published by Hudson Hills Press in 1999.Ms. Sigler was represented by Carl Hammer Gallery and Printworks Gallery in Chicago and Steven Scott Gallery in Baltimore and was a founding member of Artemisia in Chicago, one of the first women's cooperative galleries in the United States. She also showed with Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York in the early 1980's. She was awarded the College Art Association's Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement, and also received the Chicago Caucus for Women in the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award.Ms. Sigler attended the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received an honorary doctorate from Moore College in 1994. She taught at Columbia College Chicago for more than 20 years.