Best of AYCE Audio_Pack 01

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Best Of AYCE Audio_P01.jpg

Best of AYCE Audio_Pack 01

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This collection is a free pack of some of the best sounds from the 14 All You Can Eat Audio Sound Effect Libraries released by November 2017

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****NOTE: Each library delivery includes a PDF document with a download link to the library.  Please copy and paste into a browser to download the purchased library. 

Best of AYCE Audio_Pack 01 is a hand picked selection of some of the best sounds from each of the 14 libraries release this year (2017).  This is the first free pack as a thank you for a great inaugural year and for the holidays! 

Included are sounds of a paper shredder, various dial/rotary and office phones, ice, popping bubble wrap, sounds of a car without its engine on, ambiences from the suburbs of Chicago, Film Camera, and Spinning dreidels! 

A total of 82 files, over 1 hour and over 2GB of sounds.  All files are metadata tagged using Soundly and Basehead.

Libraries included are:

DIAL IT_Pack 01
DIAL IT_Pack 02
DIAL IT_Pack 03
It’s A Plain Phone_Pack 01
It’s A Plain Phone_Pack 02
Pick The Ice
Pop That Bubble Wrap
Non-Engine Sonata Noises
Suburbs Of Chicago_Spring
Suburbs Of Chicago_Lagoon
Filmless Film Camera
Suburbs Of Chicago_Forest Preserve
I Had A Little Dreidel

All Libraries are available through ASoundEffect Too!